Photoshoot weddings and honeymoons , Love Story, romantic walks .
Individual photo sessions, as well as children and family photoshoots.

Special offer – 120 euros

Time: 1 hour
1-2 locations
A photosession in hotel and/or on the beach.
Transportation is not included.
Result: 200 - 300 processed photos, 30 retouched photos.

The MINI Bundle – 200 euros

Time: 2 hours
2-3 locations
A photo shoot in a tropical park or a Canarian village, on the rocks of lava and one of the most beautiful beaches in the south of Tenerife.
Transportation is included.
Result: 400 - 500 processed photos, 50 retouched photos.

The STANDARD Bundle – 250euros

Time: 3 hours
3-4 locations
A photo shoot in a tropical park or a Canarian village, on a golf course or various beaches (with black and white sand).
Transportation is included.
Result: 500 - 600 processed photos, 60 retouched photos.

The MAXI Bundle – 300 euros

Time: 4 hours
4 - 5 locations
A photoshoot on a walk through the most interesting and beautiful places in the south of Tenerife, a unique and amazing bay, visiting several beaches (with black and white sand), lava rock, golf course, charming Canarian village in the mountains and one of the fishing villages.
Transportation is included.
Result: 600 - 700 processed photos, 70 retouched photos.

The VIP Bundle – 400 euros

Time: 6 hours
A photoshoot on a walk through the main attractions of the island. This is the story of one day with a variety of landscapes, moods and emotions stored in photos.
You can choose one of the proposed routes.
Transportation is included.
Result: 700 - 800 processed photos, 80 retouched photos.